Chevy Colorado power window fuse won't stop blowing

Ok, I have a 2005 chevy colorado crew cab, with 59000 miles and the power window 30 amp maxi fuse ($5.00 a pop) keeps blowing not while driving, no ac on no radio on nothing in the cigg lighters, but after I turn it off a few times it blows, so then I bought a 40 amp it did great for a week now it blows, went thru a few of those, now a 50 amp it blows as soon as I put it in, and nothing will work at all. Never had water inside the doors or motor, all windows rolled great when it does work, wires by the door jamb are all great I looked them all over, unhooked each motor one at a time, to see which motor was bad, fuse still blew with all four. What is wrong with the truck? Please help
Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007 AT 3:27 PM

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Sounds like you have a wire that is shorted out somewhere. But first of all if you keep upping the amps of the fuse you are taking a chance of burning the wiring up if you havent already. I would not recomend puting anything higher than 30amp.I would start by unpluging the connector at the door hinges for all the doors. I would then install a curcuit tester and check and see if it blows with all the doors unpluged. If it still blows the wiring problem is in the truck somewhere. If it does not blow then I would plug the door connectors in one at a time til the curcuit breaker poped to see witch door the wiring is shorted in.

Is it a standard cab, ext cab or crew cab?

Was this
Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007 AT 5:37 PM

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