1978 Chevrolet Nova



November, 4, 2010 AT 6:19 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1978 Chevy Nova V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 96000 miles

I have a 78 Chevy Nova with a 305 i've done a lot of work to recently and im all caught up on its annual maintance new waterpump, spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor switch, coil, alternator, battery, oil change, tranny flush, timing chain and sprockets and so on and so forth, so I installed an edelbrock intake maifold and 600 cfm carb, I was haveing a problem with the car running rough so I loosened the distributor hold down bolt thinking maybe I didnt get my marks I had but on there when I put the intake manifold in lined back up exactly where they were, so before I could fire it up and start adjusting the timing I noticed a vaccuum leak around the carb seat and I fixed that( one of the studs was real loose) so I fired it up and it ran great but the idle was high so I got out of the car and started adjusting the carb to its factory specs, no sooner than I fixed the idle than the engine started sputtering and died before I could get to fine tuning the distributor timing, so I cranked it a few times it fired but didnt start and now it does fire at all but its getting plenty of fuel and air and I have the distributor housing lined up where it was, is it possible that the distributor itself jumped timeing when I was tuning the carb? Seeing how the hold down bolt and clamp were loose. This is all I can think it is cuz I know everything else is good.


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November, 5, 2010 AT 10:24 AM

Engine cranking, did you visually check for spark at the plugs? Right now, I can't tell what's going on? If the number one cylinder is on tdc of compression stroke, the rotor should be pointing at the number 1 plug wire?



November, 8, 2010 AT 5:02 PM

When your bolt is loose on your holdown then while running the distributor will pop up and can jump time. Best thing to do is bring number 1 up to tdc and see if it's where it's supposed to be. Your rotor should be pointing to #1 cylinder. It will actually be 11: 30 if thefront is 12, like a clock. Make sure when you retime it to put the holddown in place.

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