2000 Chevy Monte Carlo graduation project questions

2000 Chevy Monte Carlo

hey this is adam I am a 11th grader at brashear high school. I am doing a graduation project on auto mechancis and I was woundering if I could ask you a few questions if so here they are

1. When did you decide to become a master mechanic?
2. What do you love about being a mechanic?
3. What was the reason you chose this carrier?
4. What is your favorite part of the job.
5. What did you have to do to become a master mechanic?
6. How long have you been a master mechanic?
7. What’s the pay?
8. What are the strengths of the job?
9. Does this job put any stress on you if so why?
10. What are the dangers of the job that you have to look out for?
11. What are the tasks you have to do in order to your certification?
12. One day do you want to open your own shop if so why?

thanks ps please try to get back to me asap also please provide your full name location and were you work thanks again
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Here goesyou may not like the answers.
1. I started as a kid then wennt to school in Army
2. The best part is something coming in broken down and you repaired it-made it drive away.
3. I kind of just stayed with it as the pay was ok
4. Fixing a broken down piece of equiptment-pride in my work.
5. Just be a mechanic forever lol. You dont' become a master mechanic as you always need schooling for new stuff coming out it takes years of experience.
6. Most of my life but read answer to number 5
7. The pay isn't really good. Because of the cost of tools you must have and your knowledge you need.
8. Knowledge is strength, training, skills
9. The customer can because they want their vehicle quick and think anyone can fix it for nothing.
10. Dangers are burns, crushing, heavy weight, explosions from other people not beign careful. Elecitrical shock.
11. Tasks are experience, knowledge and training know all that stuff for testing.
12. I always wanted to open my ownshop but never did. Probably the one thing I regret as there is moremoney to be made there.

As yo can see i'm retired, I worked all over, the last 31 years at an auto manufacturer. But I worked fleets, auto dealers, as well as a gas station where we worked on all types of vehicles. I also taught kids through the boy scouts about vehicles ageed 12-20. If you need any further info please private message me.
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