1986 Chevy Monte Carlo sputtering

Engine Performance problem
1986 Chevy Monte Carlo V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 145000 miles

My 86 Monte Carlo SS went to sputtering a little the other day and has gotten noticeably worse over the past 2 weeks. I can still drive it but its very noticeable. I dont notice it until the vehicle has leveled out around 35 and then again around 45 and again around 60 or so. Its worse under load like going up a hill. When I give it more gas it seems to stop or at least stop enough that I dont seem to notice it. I changed half my plugs and wires so far (a "buddy" gave me some plug wires that required putting the ends on so became bigger job then had time for) but this is to no avail. Also, I am not getting as good of gas mileage as I was which wasnt good to begin with but I knew that. Um, just could use some direction; fuel filter, carb, other side plugs and wires (which I plan to do Saturday) or possibly intake. Oh yeah and there seems to be some type of electrical ticking from near the dist. I have an HEI ACCEL added, was on when bought it. But she starts fine and it has always bogged down when I stomped down on it like she isnt getting enough like starved or something, I know this could mean flooding also. Please any help would be appreciated.
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Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 AT 4:41 AM

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Check to see if you have a vacuum leak first, so get some choke cleaner and spray around the base of the carb, and check all vacuum hoses. Also check your cannister purge for having a bad valve as it should be closed until you get to 30 mph. If it's open at idle it's no good. Also check the dist cap to see if the carbon piece inside has broken as that happens. I am not a big fan of accel as i've had a lot of problems with it personally. Also check the rotor for damage.
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Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 AT 5:37 PM

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