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I was wondering where the MAP sensor is located on a 1992 Chevy Lumina Euro 3.1 Liter in relation to the idle control sensor? Are they related in any way or do they do totally seperate things? I recently had a diagnostic test done and was told that the MAP Sensor was bad and had it replaced but my car had to go back to the shop 3 days later and then I was told the Idle Control Sensor needed to be replaced and I was wondering if the parts work together or are totally seperate? I think the Idle Control Sensor was bad all along and probably showed up on the diagnostic check that I paid for but was not told about it until I had to bring the car back. The mechanic told me that he doesn't get printouts from his diagnostic checks so there's no way for me to know for sure. I just know that he only told me about the MAP Sensor and then after the car repairs were done told me that the diagnostic check also showed the vacuum was low. So I'm thinking it also picked up the Idle Control Sensor but just wanted to know it's relation to the MAP Sensor and if they're located near each other on the engine. Thank you.
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The idle air control valve maintains the idle speed at all times.

The Manifold Absolute Pressure measures the engine vacuum available and sends it to the computer indicating engine load.

The MAP and TPS corresponds the computer puts these signals together for fuel demand.

Its like the Power valve and Main metering on a Carb. Also involved is the oxygen sensor.
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