2006 Chevrolet Impala


karen smith

December, 9, 2009 AT 10:22 PM

Computer problem
2006 Chevy Impala 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive 98,000 miles

All of the sudden my engine light came on today steady and the message, reduced engine power came up. I checked the gas cap, filled up the gas tank. After work I rechecked the gas cap, then started the car up. The light was off so I thought it was ok but then after about 15 minutes of driving it came on again. What could be the problem?


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December, 10, 2009 AT 10:29 AM

What I would like you to do is call around to your local parts stores and see if one does a free scan. Go there and scan it and write down the codes found. Then clear the codes and get back to me with the codes. Lets see what the car can tell us about what it happening and go from there.



December, 10, 2009 AT 10:35 AM

The engine computer has detected a sensor out of range or not reading at all.

Start by taking to most autoparts stores and get the engine computer scanned.

Autoparts stores can only scan " P" (powertrain) codes. If no " P" codes appear, you will have to get it scanned at a trusted garage/dealer.
There are 4 different codes generated, " P", " C" (chassis), " B" (body) and " U" (communications).

Autoparts stores that do scan, do this for free, so free is good : ).

After you get a code, post codes and we will go from there.


karen smith

December, 10, 2009 AT 8:05 PM

I was awating a reply sooner because I had an appointment at a repair place at 1pm. Today to get it checked out. I wish I had known to check around to have the code scanned for free. Next time I will do that. The code that came up was P2138. They said it was the throttle pedal position sensor switch " A" -" B" voltage correlation and the throttle plate was sticking. They cleaned the fuel system and it seems fine now. What can you tell me about this code?



December, 11, 2009 AT 7:36 AM

Newer cars are equipped with a " fly by wire" system, where there is no actual physcial connection to throttle body (which opens and lets more air into engine as throttle pedal is depressed). Older cars have a throttle cable that is a mechanical connection from gas pedal to the throttle plate.

The voltage generated as you depress the throttle is sent to a small motor on the throttle body that opens the plate. This error was generated because the throttle plate was sticking and was not sending the expected voltage reading to the PCM.

The on board computer compares the voltage generated by the gas pedal to the throttle plate position from a closed position.
If there is an error in this comparison (correlation), the PCM will default to a small throttle plate opening, in other words it will not allow the throttle plate to open beyond a certain point to prevent unintended acceleration.

It is probably best that this be corrected by the dealer or whoever you are taking it to, while you would have got the code read for free, this type of error is best repaired by a professional.

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