2006 Chevrolet HHR



August, 2, 2009 AT 7:14 AM

Electrical problem
2006 Chevy HHR 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 76000 miles

HI, I need to repace the front left head light buld on my 2006 HHR. I bought the buld, but when I opened the hood hoping to replace it my self.I could not find acces to the reat of the head light. How do I replace the bulb and what needs to be removed to do it. I got a fix it ticket last night, now I really need to get this done ASAP. Thank you for any and all info.


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jacob metts

August, 2, 2009 AT 7:49 AM

Hi, my name Jake, I am a bodyman at a Chevy dealership in Texas and I have worked on alot of hhrs. The only way of changing the bulb that I know of is to remove the headlamp assemble, but to remove the headlamp, you must first remove the front bumper cover. To remove the front bumper cover pop the hood, to the left and right of the hood latch are two seven millimeter bolts, remove. On the left and right edges of the bumper are more seven millimeter bolts, remove. Also in the fender skirts are black clips, remove. You will need a clip removal tool. On the bottom of the bumper are more bolts or clips I cant remember anyway you will need to remove. After that there should be no more bolts or clips holding it on. Grab the edge of the bumper by the fender and pull towards you, both sides of the bumper clip in by retainers. This should be done by two people, one on each side so the bumper will not fall and scuff the paint. Also, if you have fog lights you will need to unplug. After the bumper is removed the headlamp has 3-4 ten millimeter bolts holding it on.



December, 3, 2009 AT 7:52 AM

According to the factory service manual, you pull back or remove the fender liner in the wheel well, then simply reach in, remove the connector, turn the bulb a quarter turn counterclockwise and remove it. Reverse procedure to replace with new bulb.
Hope that helps someone avoid removing the entire bumper fascia!

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