1999 Chevrolet Corvette



October, 8, 2009 AT 3:51 PM

Transmission problem
1999 Chevy Corvette V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 51,000 miles

My 1999 Corvette with an automatic transmission will not go into reverse, in will go into all forward gears. What would cause this?

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October, 8, 2009 AT 7:08 PM

No Reverse
suspect an internal tranny failure
many possibilities : Defective input housing assembly. 3-4 apply ring stuck in applied position.
Forward clutch not releasing.
Turbine shaft seals missing or damaged. Manual valve link disconnected.
Defective valve body assembly. 2-3 shift valve stuck.
Manual linkage out of adjustment.
Spacer plate and gaskets incorrect, damaged or not positioned properly.
Defective reverse input clutch assembly.
Clutch plate worn.
Housing and drum assembly cracked at weld.
Clutch plate or return spring assembly retaining ring out of groove.
Piston deformed or dished.
Seals damaged or missing.
Retainer and ball assembly not sealing.
Restricted apply passage.
Defective low-reverse clutch.
Clutch plates worn or retaining ring not positioned properly.
Porosity in piston. Seals damaged. Return spring assembly retaining ring not positioned properly. Case porosity. Case cover plate not tightened properly or gasket missing or damaged.

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