Chevrolet Corsica



July, 13, 2007 AT 6:57 PM

We have a 1995 Corsica AT (140000 miles) that has developed a confusing problem with the headlights. The low beams only work in the daylight. The high beams work all the time but the low beams seemed to have gotten linked into some kind of light sensor even though we have done no work on the car. I say that it seems linked to a light sensor because in the afternoon when I pull into the garage I can see the lights shining on the wall. When I close the door I hear a click in the dash, the clock brightens and the low beams shut off.

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September, 19, 2007 AT 2:40 PM

There is nothing wrong with the lights. Corsicas have day time running lights. And they Have automatic lights that turn on when it gets dark. The DRL will be the inside lights but dim. The low beams will be on the outer lights when on. And the brights will be on the inner lights when turned on. Happy Corsica.

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