1966 Chevrolet Chevelle


November, 7, 2010 AT 8:43 AM

Engine Performance problem
1966 Chevy Chevelle V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual

I have a 1966 chevelle with a 396. This engine is freshly rebuilt with about two hours of run time. The oil is thin and smells strongly of fuel. Other than a sticking float, what may be causing this problem? I have a pressure regulator in line set at 5 psi. I have heard that a fuel pump with a bad diaphram can cause this problem. Any ideas?


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November, 7, 2010 AT 9:03 AM

I have heard that a fuel pump with a bad diaphram can cause this problem-it wiil

Could also be that the float has a pin leak and its sinking other than the needle valve and also the power valve or carb leaking internally, look down the throttle bore do you see fuel dripping when turn the car off or a misadjusted choke



December, 16, 2010 AT 4:05 PM

I've seen this problem alot. It dependson whetehr your float level is set correctly in the carb. If you have aholley on it they are problem makers. The fuel pupm diaphragm can leak if it's mechanical. If you have a mechanical pump you don't need the regulator. Also short hops with teh car can cause this as well, like driving 2 or 3 miles and shutting it off, not letting the engine getting totally warmed up. You really needtodrive thesebeasts about 10-15 miles a crack due to the cams people put in these as well as carburetion. All of todays carbs are stet to run on the rich side. So keep that in mind.

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