Celeb wont run

I have a 1987 chevy celebrity L4 2.5 Liter with about 150,000 miles on it. Problem started when battery died, replaced battery. Ran great for a couple months, then noticed problem replaced alternator, starter, spark plugs, and plug wires. Ran ok but not very well. Then was driving on the highway and it lost power. Will start but wont run. Replaced fuel filter, ignition module, and crankshaft sensor. Still wont run. What could be the problem and how can I fix it?
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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 AT 6:02 PM

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I replaced my battery and alternator and fule filter and plug/wires. Ran great.

I am strict about coolant, oil changes and also even replaced my transmission pan gasket. To top that off, I also did replaced my own head gasket and most all of the surrounding gaskets in the engine. I took out the injectors and cleaned them by hand. Them put in some fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank too. Ran more than fine.

Should have no problems right?

One day I broke down. It sounded like I wasn't getting fuel to the engine. I got out checked everything I could, even stupid stuff tha thad nothng to do with the symptoms it was having. I found out that it was the FUEL PUMP

I got some advice from mechanics and they were like its your "timing chain" and I, knowing better than that, am like "bullsh**".

To confirm that the fuel pump was going out, I "took apart"(only one screw) the airbox and took out the air filter then sprayed some carb spray directly in to the air intake. It ran only for as long as I held my finger on the carb spray button.

If it wants to run and does run the whole time you have your finger on the carb spray, My bet would be a fuel pump. I had mine replaced for $450 :|
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Saturday, July 14th, 2007 AT 4:45 PM

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