1999 Chevy Cavalier Error Code PO200 and PO200P (Pending)

Engine Performance problem
1999 Chevy Cavalier 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I am getting the PO200 error codes which means injectors. I am going to get a noid light and check each injector there. Is there a resistance or another test I can do?

Also, here's the readings I get from my code reader:

Misfire; Ready
Fuel: Ready
CCM: Ready
Cat: Not Ready
Evap: Not Ready
2Air: N/A
O2S: Not Ready
HO2S: Not Ready

the O2S and HO2S. How do I check that? And the EVAP? Where's that?

Looks like the PCM may be bad.
Is there a test I can do for the PCM?

Testing with noid lights, #1 and #2 injector lines are so very dull and Not flashing. #3 and #4 flash and are bright. Looking at the wiring diagram, seems that the 1 and 2 injectors may be on a separate connector block that plugs into the PCM.
Strange results.
#1 and #2 fail the noid test. Only a faint dim light for both injectors. #3 and 4 flash like they are supposed to. Looking at the wiring diagram, it looks like the greyish colored wires are common to all 4 injectors. Now in the diagram, connector points for the NON common contacts for the fuel injectors on the CPM are pt 19 (Black) for #1 injector and pt 20 (Lt grn/Blk) for #2 injector.

Connector points for the NONcommon contacts on the CPM are pt 17 (Pnk/Black) for #3 injector and pt 15 (Lt Blu/Blk) for #4 injector. Looks like separate banks of connections for the PCM. S there a way to check the PCM?

Did a voltage test on the injectors while running. Each had 12.4V across the grey wires with just the key on and NOT running. And zero on the other noncommon wires of each injector. Then ran connections of the negative lead of the multimeter to the positive of the battery. Measured across each connection. Each leg of the injector measured -12.4V across each lead to the positive of the battery. Trying to determine the ground leg. Its the grey. Diagram confirms that.
Then stripped back the wires on #1 and #3 since believe a problem in #1 and #2 injectors. #2 and #1 didn't read right. It looks like the PCM. Any ideas?

Seems that the injectors also measure low resistance. Somewhere I read that the resistance should be 11 to 18 ohms. Is this correct because I have 4 from my engine and 3 I have from a spare. They probably have 70K miles on them. Mine all measured 2.4 to 2.6 ohms. All 7 of mine could be bad? Hard to believe?

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I went to the yard to look at other injectors. I found different injectors from different cars (Pontiac, Malibu, ) and they all measured 12.4, 12.5 ohms. I did find one cavalier, 1997 with same injectors but mounted in the front - earlier year model. All 4 measured 2.2, 2.3 like mine. That is what confuses me. Now maybe those were all bad too? All 4 measured consistant with each other but much lower than 12 ohms. The cars were damaged so that leads me to believe the accident is why the cars were there- totaled. Not an engine failure? Will the cars still run that low? Probably run awful?
While at the yard, I measured one Cavalier between the injectors. The commons are connected (grey wires). When I measured between the other wires, there no connection, This is with their PCM connected. Mine had some connection between the hot sides. Probably a short or scraped wire shorting to each other or ground.
Im going to ohm out the harness with out the PCM. Any other ideas?
I went and bought another PCM at the yard. If it works, then I know the problem was the PCM. If not, maybe 2 bad PCM's. I wanted to at least try it. I'll need to order new injectors anyway. I was told that low resistance 2.3 ohms may burn out the PCM.

A little more information but I still have a request. With the PCM disconnected, I check continuity between the wires of the #1 and #2 injectors. I used the wiring diagram in the Haynes book. The grey wires do show continuity like they are supposed to. Should have continuity between all 4 injectors. Now I check continuity between the grey and the other leads of the injectors - Result NO continuity. That's good. It was with the PCM connected. I am trying to test the wires to each individual injector but doesn't seem to match the Haynes Manual. I look at injector 1 and the colored lead (Black) should be at connector point 19 on the PCM connector. Doesn't match. I tried a few points close to where I thing the wire runs and I don't fsee it on the meter. Anyone have which connector point is the right one.

injector 1 per Haynes Manual shows the grey wire joining the other injectors and terminating at connector point 8. Can't find it on either one of the two harnesses.

Then injector 1 black wire is shown to connect at connector point 19. Don't see it.

Injector 2: Lt Grn/Blk at point 20 - Not There
and Grey joins other injector and joins at pt 8- Don't see it

Injector 3: Pink/Bk at point 17 on a different harness? - Not There and Grey joins other injectors and joins at pt 8- Don't see it

Injector 4: Lt Blu/Blk at point 15 on a different harness? - Not There and Grey joins other joins other injectors ad joins at pt 8- Don't see it
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