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May, 20, 2009 AT 7:56 PM

Noises problem
2000 Chevy Camaro 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 59000 miles

I recently bought a 2000 Camaro v-6 coupe for a fun/weekend second car, hoping it won't need lots of costly repairs. It seems to be in good condition overall, the only problem I noted was tough steering, checked the ps reservoir, was below the dipstick, filled it (perhaps a bit over), haven't seen any leaks. My questions are about 3 strange noises the car is making:

1) Drove it in heavy traffic for first time, about 40 minutes each way. On return trip, heard strange wavering whistling noise. At home, popped hood while idling, whistling continued, varying in pitch and volume while rpm was still at idle. Looked online, got feedback for belts, egr/vaccum hoses, and the air pump. Have yet to remove air pump fuse to verify if it is this. What could it be? How much to repair/replace air pump? Is it a problem to pull fuse and leave air pump deactivated?

2) Engine makes slight ticking noise at start up, seems to go away soon- can't hear it on the road or at stop lights. Egr hose, or what?

3) What appears to be transmission noise is present whenever driving as a moderate to high-pitched hum that changes with the motor's rpm. Checked trans fluid, level fine, also know that trans serviced at 41k miles. Heard same noise when listening to a v6 camaro on a you-tube clip. Is this intrinsic to the 3800 engine/power train, or is there cause for worry?

Last question is on reluctant pass side power window- goes up part way, has to rest repeatedly, a struggle to get it all the way up. Has the same problem from either door switch. Can I replace just the pw motor, or will I need to do the regulator too?

Looking for anything I can do on my own, or advice to the contrary as needed. Thanks for your help!


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May, 23, 2009 AT 8:44 AM

1- Price depends on what is the problem. Removing the AIR fuse will eventually set a check engine light if the PCM doesnt see the mixture change when it commands it on, you can do this to diagnose the noise but I would drive it very long that way.
2-Could just be a little slow to oil the valvetrain. Try an oil change with manufacturer suggested weight oil (should be on oil cap) and a quality oil filter
3-I wouldnt worry unless it shows other signs of problems, the V-6 Camaros do make a little different noise than the V-8

Window motor, you will need to see how itis available, some come as a set and others you can get just the motor, it varies by make/model. Call around for prices and how it is available



November, 5, 2009 AT 3:55 PM

3) "What appears to be transmission noise is present whenever driving as a moderate to high-pitched hum that changes with the motor's rpm."

The noise that you hear when accelerating through 1st and 2nd gear is normal for all 2000 Camaros at least with my Series II 3800 V6 automatic it is. Sometimes it does not happen when under slight acceleration but under semi-heavy acceleration it happens.

Tough steering, I like it that way and is normal. BUT some alignment shops has a difficult time with the camber adjustment on these cars. It could be that the toe/in/out is good but they get lazy with the camber adjustment. This will not only ruin your tires but make steering more difficult when the tire is leaning to far in at the top and just the opposite make the steering to twitchy when leaning to far out at the top. Check your tires, are you wearing the inside edge, (to much leaning in) or the outside edge, (too much leaning out).

My noise is not under the hood it is a resonance noise under the car which is driving me crazy.

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