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November, 20, 2007 AT 10:12 PM

Chevy Blazer S10 2000
Odo: 132,000KMs (Aprox.)

Where the Engine Service Soon sensor is located in a Chevy Blazer S10 2000, 6 cyls? : (

I got a solid light with no reason. Reviewed the gas cap and it is OK. I have to change the oil until the 135,000KMs (Aprox.) And I did not changed the gas fuel.

So far I don't remember having pot holes with water/ice or something that will provoke a wet environment in the engine. We got some fluries today but not really mayor thing.

I am wondering if I can clean this sensor (do it myself) before to have to decide if I really need to bring the car to the shop.


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November, 21, 2007 AT 12:01 AM

If your service engine soon light is on that means there is something wrong. It doesn't necessarily mean you can notice something wrong but something is wrong.
The service engine light is tied to every sensor on your vehical there is no fuse for it.
Autozone or some place like that will hook up a scan tool to diagnosis the reason the light is on. If you do this get the specific code and check back with me --with the trouble codes-- and we will take it from there. Talk to ya soon

P.S. There is no service engine light sensor



November, 21, 2007 AT 7:38 PM

Good evening and thanks a lot for your support, help and knowledge.

I had the opportunity today to use this kind of computers to read codes. This is what I got so far: P0753

I has been trying to know where this " Shift Solenoid A" is located with no success. I even had the opportunity to have access to a book " Chevrolet S-10 & GMC Sonoma Pick-ups - Haynes Repair Manual - 1994 thru 2004" with no success trying to identify the location of this " Solenoid A" (unless is not visible and it is inside of a part of the engine or something else. I guess).

I got the advise to go ahead and " erase" the code from the computer, and see and check if the signal is off or if is back. Unfortunately, after erase the computer, I turned off the engine, started again and around 10 15 seconds the signal came back. So, I am guessing that really it was not a " glitch" on the computer and maybe really that solenoid is a " real" problem (the guy who suggested this works actually in a mechanical car shop repairs. He was hopping that this will be just a weird glitch in the computer and after erase it the signal will be out of the main panel.)

Once again, thank you for your advise,

Warm Regards



November, 22, 2007 AT 1:40 AM

A P0753 code means there is something wrong with the solenoid 'A' located inside your transmission. Your transmission has 4 or 5 solenoides to tell it to shift at different points in the power band cycle of the transmission. The power band cycle means--when you go up a steep hill -- the transmission will down shift---or when you go to pass somebody on the highway and the transmission down shifts to give you a little extra power to make the pass. Ya know what I mean? Solenoids inside a transmission devert fluid pressure to certain friction clutches or pistons at certain times.
Solenoid 'A' may be accessable if you drop the transmission pan. Transmission solenoids are not hard to change but they are hard to get to.

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