2003 Chevy Astro transmission flush

Transmission problem
2003 Chevy Astro Engine Size unknown Wheel Drive Type unknown Automatic 37000 miles

Last year when I had my oil changed the mechanic suggested a list of things to do for my chevy astro as regular maintenance. I couln't do this at the time. At the next oil change at a different place, the mechanic showed my the transmission fluid said that it looked good and was okay although chevy recommends flushing at 30000. I did have the fuel injection cleaned out at that time. Yesterday I went to the first place to have oil changed, tires rotated, balanced, and aligned, and van looked at since it was occasionally whining. They suggested transmission flush. I went ahead and agreed knowing that it was recommended by chevy. Later in the day a friend said that that was a big mistake. Now my transmission would fail and I would have all kinds of problems. After searching the internet, I have found varying opinions. Did I mess up? Will my transmission fail?
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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008 AT 10:26 AM

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Take a BIG SIGH of relief. Take a Big breath. Let's count slowly backwards from 10.

For decades, there has been an urban legend that if you change your transmission fluid, you will kill the transmission.

This is my own personal thought about where this comes from, and I have changed the transmission on at least a dozen vehicles since 1977.

The concept is that worn out clutch plates and bands that drive the transmission in an old transmission are still working because of the crud and the contamination in the fluid still allowing them to "grab".

So when you change the fluid, you wash away the crud and the thing dies. Transmission fluid is HIGHLY Solvent and Detergent. What that means is that it is good for cleaning parts.

I think that the real truth, is that in an old worn-out transmission, the clean, new fluid causes it to grab better which just burns out faster something that was already on it's last leg.

Auto Dealers now have a service available for about $110 that they can backflush the filter, run system cleaners and seal rejuvinators backwards through the system and replace the fluid with new fluid. I had this done to my Astro at 100,000 miles and I scheduled the first morning Saturday appointment and I was out of there at 9:15. My Astro now has 208,000 miles on it.

I had one episode last week where my Astro would not go into the passing gear until it was very warm. It was kind of spooky, swinging out into the oncoming traffic lane and it just would not speed up. I added one quart of transmission fluid and one quart of Lucas Stop Slip Transmission Treatment and viola! No Problemo.

Good Luck

And tell your friends their nuts!
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Saturday, February 9th, 2008 AT 1:29 AM

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