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My nissan navara 2001 model's check engine light is on, its got a bluesh smoke when accelerating and doesnt rave past 3000rpm hence it also does not go over 100km/h. On the diagnostic machine it shows error codep0136 which points to the rear oxygen sensor, please I need tips on how to clear this problem

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 AT 2:19 PM

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When the MIL comes on, the engine computer might go into limp mode depending on what problem has been detected and this can mean not revving past 3000 rpm as indicated.

The code indicates the rear O2 sensor or its circuit has a fault and you most probably has to replace it to rectify the problem and clear the code.

Check for a clogged catalytic converter and ensure there are no misfiring from the engine.

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Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 AT 5:00 PM

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