2005 Cadillac STS



July, 6, 2010 AT 2:50 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
2005 Cadillac STS 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 90500 miles

I was driving home yesterday and my car started chugging a little on the high way, once I encountered some heaving rain my vehicle died and wouldn't start again. I had the car towed to the dealership to look at it. They called back and said, there was an issue with my timing belt, causing pistons to missfire. They told me my engine was worthless and cheapest estimates of repair was around $5k to replace the engine. Does this happen alot, or is something I should get a second opinion on?


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July, 6, 2010 AT 9:32 PM

If there is catastrophic damage that they can demonstrate for you, then I would trust there opinion. We have seen several that chains have broken on, and only one required engine replacement. If it is just a broken chain, often some sprockets, tensioners, and chains have resolved them. As far as I know, the pistons do not interfere with the valving to the point that collision will occur if timing is lost. With all this water you say you encountered, has there been any mention that it ingested water and hydrolocked causing damage?

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