1980 Cadillac Hearse



August, 1, 2009 AT 6:40 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1980 Cadillac Hearse V8 Automatic 35,000 miles

I'm an idiot and I take the responsibility for not putting oil in it, but whats did I do exactly and how can I fix it? When the enigne spins it sounds like a gunshot. Is it the pistions? the lifters? what does that mean? Please help me, take mercy on me anyone who knows about this please I want to learn


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August, 1, 2009 AT 7:24 PM

More than likely, it spun a main or rod bearing. With only 35,000 miles, the engine may be sound. It will need torn down, it's possible that you could pull the oil pan in vehicle, and seperate the main/rod caps to check for damage. If the crank is scored, then repair will be severe. If not, you may get away with just bearings.

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