1993 Cadillac El Dorado Maybe wrong computer?

Computer problem
1993 Cadillac El Dorado V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 185k miles

Hi. I have a '93 Cadillac Eldorado base model, with the 4.9L engine. '93 was also the first year that the 4.6L Northstar V8 was introduced to the Eldorado.
I'm having a few problems after I purchased the car from a neighbor recently.
The car has some kind of parasitic drain on the battery. I was aware of this before I bought the car. The previous owner would hook a battery charger to it if the car wasn't to be driven everyday, but if driven daily, it was fine. I had the alternator checked while the engine was running, and off the engine at 2 different parts houses. It always showed GOOD.
I had the battery tested. It shows GOOD.
But the battery will be dead in less than 2 days, or just not powerful enough to crank the engine.
So, I throw a charger on it for an hour or so at 50 amps, the engine starts right up. I begin to back out of the driveway, the engine dies. Then it shows a message on the Driver Information Center."Battery No Charge", while the engine cranks over very fast but the engine won't fire up? I'm stumped.
I've also changed the PCM twice. The first time was because I just wanted to. The second time was because I thought the parts house gave me the wrong one. Now, the car still does the same thing showing the same messages."Battery No Charge" when the battery is fully charged. When that message isn't displayed, the engine starts right up.
Could I have a bad mem-cal? I used the original one when I bought the 2 computers. It's intended to be re-used if replacing the PCM. Correct?
I just need to figure this thing out. It's a great runner and driver when it actually feels like starting. Lol. Thanks for any help or advice. Lincolndude
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Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 AT 7:59 AM

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Hey again. Just wanted to report that I solved the mystery. Or should I say that the Caddy solved it for me? Lol. Sorry I didn't make a donation, I was just testing the waters here. So far, I've noticed that the old saying. Nothing is for free couldn't be more true. I mean it's not like this is a forum and we're all car buddies is it? That's why I've never taken ANY of the cars I've owned to a professional mechanic. Why pay outrageous labor fees for shadetree work? Anyhow, I started out thinking the Caddy had a parasitic drain on the battery, but it turned out, the previous owner was just stuck with the 2nd JUNK Diehard Gold battery! The battery would fully charge enough to start the engine once or twice, but then, the Caddy's info center would display the message "Battery No Charge", even though the starter seemed to be turning sufficiently enough to fire the engine. And taking your problems to AutoZone or O'Reilly's or wherever is a JOKE! They all told me the battery was good!
The good thing about a Cadillac is, the info center tells you what's wrong! No code scanners needed either. The codes will be displayed by pressing 2 buttons on the climate control. Doesn't get any easier than that! The PCM was telling me. Dude, there's not enough juice to run my systems, so I'm not gonna start for you! Lol.
I got tired of trying to figure it out, so, I went and bought a new battery. It starts up everyday now! And I would be driving it except, it sprung a radiator leak from the driver's side plastic tank! DOHHH!
Thanks anyway for the help? I have a suggestion. Maybe, give a newbie a freebie, he'll tell his buds about this place. If they don't donate the 2nd time, then don't give 'em the time of day? Lol. Right On. Lincolndude
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Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 AT 5:15 AM

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