1995 Buick Riviera torque converter

Transmission problem
1995 Buick Riviera 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

How do you change the torque converter?
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Here's the procedure for replacing your transmission. However, I recommend you purchase a single-vehicle subscription to a data service such as AllData or Mitchell-1. These will provide you with illustrations as well as helpful hints and tips.


Tools Required:

* J 28467-A Engine Support Fixture
* J 28467-94 Engine Support Adapter
* J 28467-330 Engine Support Adapter
* J 28467-350 Engine Support Adapter
* J 37292-B Axle Seal Protector


1. Negative battery cable.
2. Air intake duct.
3. Cruise control.

O Cable at throttle body.
O Vacuum hoses at servo.
O Servo assembly.

4. Shift control linkage.

O Mounting bracket at transaxle.
O Lever at manual shaft.

5. Modulator vacuum line.
6. Wiring connectors at:

o Transaxle park/neutral position switch and backup lamp switch.
O Transaxle electrical connector.
O Vehicle speed sensor.

7. Left to right manifold bolts.
8. Vacuum reservoir.
9. Heater hose retainer bracket.
10. Oxygen sensor connector.

11. Install engine support fixture.

IMPORTANT "Load" the support fixture by tightening the wing-nuts several turns to relieve tension on the frame and mounts.

12. Upper transaxle to engine bolts.

CAUTION: To help avoid personal Injury when a vehicle is on a hoist, provide additional support for the vehicle at the opposite end from which components are being removed. This will reduce the possibility of the vehicle falling off of the hoist.

13. Raise vehicle and suitably support.
14. Both front tire and wheel assemblies.
15. Left steering rack retaining bolts.
16. Left front splash shield.
17. Right and left front ball joint nuts.
18. Separate the right and left control arms from steering knuckle. Refer to Front Suspension.
19. Front lower air deflector.
20. Power steering line retaining brackets at frame.
21. Right side steering rack through bolt.
22. Suitably support frame with jack.

23. Left and right transaxle mount through bolts.
24. Frame assembly.
25. Flywheel cover bolts and flywheel cover.
26. Flywheel to converter bolts.

IMPORTANT Mark flywheel to converter relationship to ensure proper reassembly.

27. Electrical connectors at starter.
28. Starter motor.
29. Electrical connector at speed sensor.
30. Left and right drive axles from transaxle.
31. Suitably support transaxle with jack.

32. Rear transaxle mount.
33. Right side spark plug wires from plugs.
34. Transaxle filler tube.
35. Right exhaust manifold.
36. Right lower transaxle to engine bolts.
37. Transaxle cooler lines at transaxle.
38. Rear transaxle mount bracket.
39. Transaxle assembly.

IMPORTANT Use care to avoid damaging right hand output shaft, shaft seal, hoses, lines and wiring.


* To complete installation, observe the following assembly tips and reverse the removal procedures.


* Use care when installing right side drive axle into the transaxle case. The splined shaft can easily damage the seal.


* Before installing right side drive axle, be sure to install tool J 37292-B axle seal protector.
* Line up the flywheel to torque converter marks made at disassembly.
* Torque converter to flywheel bolts should always be tightened twice. The final torque should be 62 N.M (46 lb. Ft.).
* Check adjustment of the shift cables. Readjust as needed.
* After installing front wheel and tire assemblies, torque wheel nuts to specifications.
* When installing cross brace to struts:

1. Place assembly on inboard strut studs.
2. Install strut stud nuts and torque to 24 N.M (18 lb. Ft.).
3. Torque bar assembly through-bolts to 28 N.M (21 lb. Ft.).

O Check and adjust the fluid level as needed.
O Road test and check for leaks.
O When installing transaxle to engine block brace, tighten brace to engine bolts first and brace to transaxle case last to avoid pulling transaxle case out of line.
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