, 150,000, 3800 SERIES II, V-6

1997 Buick Lesabre



March, 3, 2007 AT 2:02 PM

Since October I have had dual problems, and repairs, may be related. Replaced Manifold and Gasket because of coolant leak. Had gas tank and sender replaced. 1st Problem, gas gauge does not work properly, garage where it was done replaced sender, still not working. The gauge remains on full for about 300 miles then within 20 miles lowers to 3/4 tank and stays there. The gauge was working properly before the new gas tank. 2nd problem I have a very high idle on startup, if I drive like that, car runs high. The problem usually can be stopped by shutting engine off and restarting, sometimes it takes a couple of tries. Then runs fine. Occasionally, the rpm needle with be very eratic and then return to normal. I have spend quite a bit already, if repairs possibly caused current problems, I will ask that they be fixed or for compensation. The high idle poblem did not start until after manifold and gas tank repair. Thanks so much, I don't want to blindly move adhead.


Fuel Gauge Not Working


Fuel Gauge Doesn't Work


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March, 3, 2007 AT 2:14 PM

it really does sound like the shop may have caused both problems, although it is impossible for me to know for sure because im not there, etsting is very easy on the gage, the shop should atlest do that for free and if they find a bad sender or improper install they should eat it, as far as the intake gaskets, im wonderuing if a vacuum line was left off, either way I would run it right back there, especially since the problems were not there before the repairs, im a stickler with doing things right, but once in a while we all make mistakes and should do what it takes to make it right, sorry if im rambling
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March, 4, 2007 AT 7:51 AM

Oh c'mon Jim, you never ramble. Maybe coincidince, sticky IAC motor? Tank sounds like their baby, got the float resting on a baffle?



March, 5, 2007 AT 3:32 PM

I tried to find the price of an IAC, but could not. Does anyone know what I might expect to pay to have this motor replaced/cleaned or adjusted? Also, is the float of the gas tank in the tank or connected to the fuel sender?

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