1993 Buick Lesabre transmission

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Car/Model: 1993 Buick LeSabre
Milage: 160,100
Engine: 3.8L V6
Transmission: Automatic

My car started to really "kick" or "jolt" when shifting from P to D or R. I assumed it was just a fact that the car was getting higher in miles. A while ago a repair technition said I needed to get the engine remounted, and I only mention that to see if the remounting of the engine could solve the problem. Anyway, now my car when shifted into D will not travel over 25mph. I've since garaged the car for almost a year wondering what to do about it. Last night I started it and dark smoke came out of the engine near the back where the transmission fluid dip stick is located. I check the oil and was down a quart. I check the transmission fluid and it's dry. Could the lack of fluid be the reason why the car wasn't abel to go over 25mph or do I need a new transmission? The car rode very nice and served me well on trips back and forth to college. If I can add fluid where do I do it. I couldn't locate any place to add the transmission fluid except where the dipstick was located.

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Definately the low fluid in the transmission could affect this. The transmission relies on pressure. Without the proper fluid level the pressure drops and the torque converter cannot engage the "clutch" fully to give you the "go" power you need. Low fluid means no pressure which means no go. Fill the transmission fluid thru the dipstick hole. If it doesn't register now I would add 2 quarts of fluid and start the vehicle. Let it warm up a little then check the fluid level again with the car running and in park (run it thru the gears first to distribute the fluid thru the whole transmission) then fill as needed. Hopefully you have not done any damage to the transmission yet by running it low on fluid. You can get a transmission funnel at any part store. It should have a long tube on it so it will reach the transmission dip stick hole.
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