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First of all thank you for taking my question. I bought my BMW last year. It is a certified car, and the dealer told me that everything was fine with the car. I have put 5,000 miles on it.
Ii is a 2002 BMW X5 with 45,374 miles on it.
the engine size is a 3.0i.
I have two questions:
1. When should I change the transmission fluid?
There are no problems with the transmission, by the way is an automatic transmission. I just want to keep with my maintenance.
2. A mechanic told me that it was about time to change the brake pads, he told me that the rear brake pads were worn out but the front ones were fine. But the problem is that the car's computer hasnt told me anything. And that is something that my car has, he tells me everything when something is going wrong with him. So I dont know if I should wait for the car to tell me when the brake pads are wrong or follow the mechanic's advise.

Thank you for your quick response
Mitzila Myles
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Wednesday, July 4th, 2007 AT 4:50 PM

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First question you have is about your transmission, BMW considers the fluid in the transmission as "lifetime". However I sense that you may be considering a proactive position.I agree.I recommend sourcing a trustworthy technician to service your vehicle.50k is a reasonable service interval for the transmission. The fluid is unique and somewhat expensive and I would ask for about 3 hours for the labor. Your second question is about brakes. The rear pads when new are 11mm thick, did you find out the remaining pad thickness?The sensors BMW employ are on the outside pads of the left front and right rear brakes. Also important is the condition and thickness of the rotors. Most BMW shops will sell brakes service as replacement of pads and rotors, however, if the rotors are within tolerance they may be serviceable and new pads are all that you need. Also as a recommended service is a brake fluid flush.
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Thursday, July 19th, 2007 AT 8:41 PM

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