1988 BMW 528 Water Leaks

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Interior problem
1988 BMW 528 6 cyl Rear Wheel Drive Automatic 182000 miles

I have a wonderful 1988 BMW that is like a child to me. The car has low mileage, excellent performance, and has been well serviced and cared for. When my BMW mechanic asked me to let him know if I ever wanted to sell it, I decided to fix the cosmetics and few aging parts it needed replaced to go another 150K - 200K miles, and keep drive it for enjoyment.
Everything is wonderful, except for a leak that has developed in the rear of the car. When it rains hard, the trunk will get soaked and several times the back seat carpet has gotten soaked as well. I keep it covered all the time now, but I cannot drive the car if it might rain. I have had several repair and body shops try to fix it without success. They have replaced the weather- stripping, blown out all the drains, sealed around the rear window, and even gotten into the trunk while heavy water ran on it. Do you have any ideas of things they might have missed or not fixed well enough. Please. What would you and where would you look if it were your car? I am not familiar with this service, however I will gladly donate much more if you can help me successfully.
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Monday, January 11th, 2010 AT 2:44 AM

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The doctor is in! I know your problem, the tail light assemblies are leaking past their gaskets. Remove them and grease up the gaskets with silicone grease. Let me know.

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Monday, January 11th, 2010 AT 8:39 AM

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