1995 BMW 520



May, 26, 2009 AT 10:15 AM

Engine Performance problem
1995 BMW 520 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 100000 miles

About 2 months ago I was on the autobahn (here in Germany) and my car blew a fan belt. I heard the noise and thought right away that's what it was. Without going through the entire scenario I will say I drove it far enough to get off the autobahn and out of harms way. It got hot enough that the water pump was gone. Anyway, after a new belt and pump were put in the car ran great (again). I drove it for a month and it sounded fine. Then we drove to Berlin (280 miles one way). On the way back I noticed the valve clicking and couldn't believe how loud it was. Since (over a month) I have been driving the car and it comes and goes. I hate that it sounds that way but my mechanic says it's not hurting the engine. Did I overheat the engine so badly that it is now showing in a clicking valve? Am I hurting the engine? What do you recommend to get rid of the noise as I find it somewhat embarassing! Thanks for your help.


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May, 26, 2009 AT 10:31 AM

Ok it sounds more like a cam follower, it is much like a lifter but below the camshaft instead of above. Now what I would recommend as it is sounding like you are having one collapse is get some marvel mystery oil (pint) and put it in the engine with the oil and change the oil and filter before you do this. If this don't fix it then you need to find out which one is doing this and replace it as it will ruin your cam. Thanks and let me know how it goes. On another note its funny my Parents or there visiting relatives as I was born in Aschauffenburg man what a small world sometimes.



June, 2, 2009 AT 4:38 PM

What the heck is marel mystery oil? I live in Germany so can you tell me what that might equate to? Also, is there another product I can try? What about a thicker oil?


Dr. Hagerty

June, 3, 2009 AT 8:09 AM

The ticking will probably require replacement of the hydraulic lash adjuster(s)

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