1991 BMW 325



January, 15, 2010 AT 5:16 PM

1991 BMW 325 Two Wheel Drive Manual

A family member's 1991 BMW 325i, has broken the timing belt. I have been a motorhead for years. However, Detroit muscle is my specialty and therefor I know very little about the imports. What I am looking for before I tackle this project, is a diagram as to what to look for as far as timing marks on the crank and cam. Also this is a zero tolerance engine, and I would like to know what are the chances that valves may have been bent when he tried to re fire?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
thank you in advance


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January, 15, 2010 AT 7:19 PM


Timing Component Alignment Marks



Check timing (mark on camshaft sprocket must be precisely aligned with mark on cylinder head with crankshaft turned to TDC).

For further information refer to Timing Belt : Replace Drive (Timing) Belt
See: Timing Belt Service and Repair


Incorrect setting/installation could damage or break the camshafts.
Valves could also be bent through contact with the piston crowns.
Never crank engine after removing chain.
Always note installation instructions and use specified special tools, procedures, and sequences.


Dr. Hagerty

January, 16, 2010 AT 9:26 AM

I would say your best chance is to have another cylinder head prepped and ready to go. The cam belt breaks, at least four valves are going to bend and when they do, there is a chance the head casting will be damaged. New gasket set and head bolts will be needed as well.

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