1932 BMW 323


george taylor

July, 23, 2007 AT 9:16 AM

Gentlemen and ladies, I had some trouble mechanical work done on my 323i.

It’s a BMW 323i 2000 model, in line 6, four doors, with 100,000 miles.

I had some head work done. In the process they over torque the engine head bolts and striped the bolt holes. My question is, can heli coils be used to reset the bolts on a BMW aluminum block and will the torque setting change. They use heli coils on aircraft that is approved by the FAA and they are also used in racing aluminum block engines. I am being told by mechanics, that I don’t have much confidence, in that heli coils can not be used on BMW’s aluminum engines.

They want to replace the block or drop a re-built engine in the car. Either way the cost is about $6000 dollars. The car is paid for. It is only worth between 10 and 14,000 dollars and I don’t want to invest that much money to a car that is quickly losing its worth.

Thanks for all you help,



1 Answer


Dr. Hagerty

July, 27, 2007 AT 4:33 AM

I would say it is worth the risk if it were my car and I was the one doing the work.I would also consider using timeserts instead of helicoils. The torque spec for the bolts should stay the same as these motors use angle torque bolts also know as torque to yield.

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