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Where do I tighten the powerband belt at. And what size wrench or socket do I need for this. It is making noise and I need to fix it. I also need to know where the fuses are for cruise control. One of my electric windows doesn't work either. Does the car run better on high octane fuel or low octane fuel? Also the car floats and I need to know how to fix the suspension on the car, is there any major problems. I should know about on this car, the motor is 3.8. No supercharger. Does this motor have factory headers, and is it ported? How can I supercharge it if not. How do I replace the heater? What size are the speakers in the doors.
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You're asking a whole bunch of odd questions we can't answer. There is no such thing as a powerband belt. An engine designed to run on low octane fuel will not benefit from high octane fuel. The higher octane makes the fuel harder to ignite which allows engineers to design an engine to produce more power from higher compression. The higher octane doesn't provide more power on its own. If your engine doesn't need the high octane fuels, using it is a waste of money.

The suspension is a system. First you have to know what the symptom or problem is, then you have to identify the cause before you can determine how or what to fix. The best is to have it inspected at a tire and alignment shop when there's a problem.

All GM cars and trucks 1987 and newer have a huge problem of repeat generator failures. It's common to go through four to six in the life of the car. The thing to remember is you must replace the battery at the same time unless it is less than about two years old.

Cars don't come from the factory with headers and ported heads. Those are modifications for racing engines. Adding a supercharger is an extremely involved and difficult job. You need to start with a low compression engine built especially for use with a turbocharger or supercharger. Adding either one is definitely not a project for a do-it-yourselfer.

The heater and air conditioning is another system. You need to diagnose what is wrong to determine what to repair or replace.

Original speakers are usually not a standard size. You have to remove one, then buy adapters to install aftermarket replacement speakers in most cases.
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Monday, May 13th, 2013 AT 10:35 PM

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