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January, 9, 2006 AT 4:09 PM

I recently rebuilt the engine in my son's 70 VW Beetle, rebuild went fine but have ran into a snag putting it back in. I have got the engine back up and on the shaft, the engine is with in an inch of bolting up but can't get it any further. I have tried everything I can think of and everything everyone has told me, tried shaking, turning wheels, and still can't get it any closer. I even got longer bolts to see if it would snug up, but all it did was start to draw up only the top( stopped that, didn't want to break the flange or bend the shaft. Anyone who knows what I am over looking, please tell me. Thanks

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January, 16, 2006 AT 1:22 PM

Hi I'm new to this site and these forums.

I very much suspect that if you are sure that you're not having the exhaust or some other part of the engine itself getting stuck on the bodywork, your problem is that you havn't got the clutch disc aligned correctly. I'd pull the engine back out, remove pressure plate and realign the clutch disc once again. Since as I said I'm new here and cant promise to hang around this site that often, please dont hesitate to shoot me an email if still in difficulty. I'm no pro but I have pulled out my fair share of a/c VW engines.

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