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November, 14, 2006 AT 7:36 PM

Hi. We just purchased our daughter a 2001 vw golf ( as is) and there was a slight musty smell when bought it, we thought maybe the sunroof was left open in the rain and after having it's interior professionally cleaned the smell would go away it hasnt. It is getting horrible now and we happened to notice that there is no water leakage under the car when the a/c is running, which it seems there should be since thats what every other car I've ever seen does. Could something be clogged up in a/c unit causing the terrible smell. PLEASE HELP.


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December, 7, 2006 AT 1:45 AM

Make shure the interior cabin filter (under the battery cover thing under the hood) is clean. Otherwise make shure that there is no mildew in the passanger compartment. The ac would just blow in mosture if it's drains were pluged



December, 11, 2006 AT 3:50 PM

I have a number of Rabbits (pre Golf years) Biggest problem with them was moisture getting inside the car. Passed on to the Jetta(and no doublt the Golf)

Check under the carpets, the underlay is gonna be wet. Very wet. And so to the carpets. That is the smell.

I doubt the airconditioner because that would be too easy.

More likely an older problem. Windshield grommet or elsewhere the water is getting in. Pull the underlay and dry it with pistol hairdryer or other as well as the carpet. Smell disappears when dry, then find leak. (A chapter by itself) then put underlay back under.

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