Acura Integra



September, 22, 2007 AT 10:00 AM

Hi, I have a 94 Integra which has a squeeking noise which comes from the front end on the drivers side. I just wanted to know if it is definately suspension related and if so what can I do to stop the squeeking. Im assuming its the suspension because when I park the car and get out the car squeeks and it also squeeks when I put weight on the front end(drivers side). I would greatly appreciate any help regarding this issue, thank you.

Matt B.


1 Answer


Bruce Hunt

September, 22, 2007 AT 12:49 PM

There are rubber grommets that reside between the chassis and the frame. Those get old, dry out and enroute to falling apart they squeak. You will need to replace them or deal with the noise. One possible short fix is to spray them with Armour all or some such mixture to help rejuvenate them.

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