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1998 Acura Integra


98 Black Ac

April, 11, 2008 AT 11:51 AM

Computer problem
1998 Acura Integra 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 110251 miles

I have a 98 integra ls, I recently changed the o2 sensors, both before and after cat. That cleared the 02 trouble codes, then I got P0420 and I exchanged the whole exuast system with a new cat. Now I have code P0452, any suggestions on how to fix the problem without buying a new fuel tank sensor which costs around $199.00 and change?

please help!


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April, 15, 2008 AT 4:46 PM

Reset the ecm by disconnecting the battery overnight, make sure the connectors and terminals do not touch to give power to the ecm. Make sure that you have a good fuel cap and that it is tight.
Re-connect the battery and let he car idle until the cooling fans cycle on and off twice.
Let me know if it comes back and if you get the same code.
Could also be a problem with the fuel tank's vacuum line but very uncommon.



September, 17, 2008 AT 8:32 PM

I have the same problem the check engine light come on 3 times. First time was about 12/?/07 then 5/23/08 again on 7/18/08 then today 9/17/08. Every time it came on I disconnect the battery then check engine light go off. Now if I took my car to get inspection will the code P0420 show up to inspector? Or it will show up as nothing, so I can the pass inspection. It seem that light came on every two month? Why? Could it be my catalytic converter bad or o2 sensor go bad? Why it have to be every two month it show up or just coincident.
And yes last 2 times was same code P0420.



September, 18, 2008 AT 8:43 AM


To reset the PCM you only need to remove the BACKUP (RADIO) (7.5 A) fuse under hood for more than 10 seconds.

NOTE: If DTC P0136, P0139 and/or P0141 is set, trouble shoot those DTCs before proceeding.
1. Perform PCM reset procedure.
Start engine and run at 3000 RPM with transmission in Park or Neutral, until radiator fan comes on. Allow engine to idle. Connect SCS service connector. See Fig. 1 .
Test drive vehicle at 40-55 MPH for about 2 minutes. Decelerate for at least 3 seconds with throttle fully closed. Reduce vehicle speed and hold at 35 MPH until readiness code comes on. If DTC P0420 resets, go to next step. If DTC P0420 does not reset, problem is intermittent. System is functioning properly at this time.
2. Inspect Three-Way Catalytic Converter (TWC) for plugging, melting, cracking, exhaust system leaks or TWC deterioration. Repair or replace as necessary.


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