Car A/C Thermostat adjustment-Effect on Car Mileage

  • 2011 HYUNDAI I20
  • 2WD
Hi there! I have bought a new hyundai i20 diesel in India, within 2days I have noticed that a/c is not efficient.I have gone to the service center and got it fixed. But after that my car mpg has got drastically come down and when I required, the workshop guys told me they have not touched any part of engine but only adjusted THERMOSTAT of the air conditioning system. Here I would like to know Whether by adjusting the car thermostat to a lower level, is there a chance of losing on MPG?
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Friday, May 6th, 2011 AT 3:14 PM

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When the compressor is working, it would put additional load on the engine and that would definitely increase the fuel consumption. Futrhermore being a low powered engine, the difference could be more than others but you should not be experiencing more than a few % difference. However driving and road conditions makes a lot of difference with the additional load on the low powered engine running the A/C.

Previously when A/C was not that efficitn, the compressor would be working less of the time and now it has to work for longer periods so some increase in fuel consumption is expected.
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Friday, May 6th, 2011 AT 8:32 PM

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