2011 Honda CRZ Hybrid



January, 23, 2011 AT 3:08 PM

Thinking of buying a crz, trying to find out what batteries and how many are needed. Aprox cost to replace batteries? What is the life expectancy of this care in miles?Will use car to travel to work 100miles each way. Is the crz a good car for this.90 of the 100 are on I-85 speed limit 70mph.

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January, 23, 2011 AT 3:11 PM

Battery is warranteed for 10 years or 150,000 and check the hiway mileage figure, the Hybrid electric works up to approx 35 mph, then you are on gas engine power, so MOST of your drive will be on the gas engine. I don't know the life expectancy, that depends on vehicle maintenance!

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