2010 Toyota Yaris



January, 21, 2011 AT 4:17 PM

I have a '10 plate yaris, she is my second yaris so I am familiar with them. She is guzzeling oil like no bodys business. My previous yaris only needed a oil top up at each 10'000 mile service, however this one is needing a full fill at most every 4'000 miles. When I first took her back they said it was the turbo and replaced it but its still eating oil. They now say that the new diesel engine can use a liter of oil every 1'000 miles so mine is well within the guide lines. However I have never known a car use so much oil. Can this be right? Also my heater takes a good 30mins to warm up and even then it never really gets that hot, are the two things conected?

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Dr. Hagerty

January, 21, 2011 AT 4:30 PM

I would tend to believe that there is something really wrong with an engine that consumes that much oil, however, BMW has rephrased their oil consumption statement to include the higher output engines as being "normal" when 1 quart is consumed in 750 miles. I find this disturbing on a commuter compression combustion engine car such as yours. I would recommend that you take the car to the point of sale and insist the issue be addressed straightaway, if resistance is met, document your findings and retain legal assistance. The heater issue may somehow be related, be sure to include it in your legal docs. The fact that the engine does not seem to be able to make it to temperature is not normal. Sometimes the dealer just wants to wear folks down and not do anything to fix problems, you need to be unwilling to take "no we can't fix it, it is normal" as a response, hold their feet to the fire, have your wife cry a little, jump up and down, cause a commotion, or you may find the warranty period past and then you could be left holding the bag on this one.



January, 26, 2011 AT 3:55 PM

I would only add that while it is technically within limits, I would complain directly to Toyota first. That is to say the corporate office.

That is WAY to much oil in anybodys book.

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