2010 Suzuki SX4



January, 29, 2013 AT 7:48 AM

I have suzuki SX4-VXi Model. Recently I changed the headlight lamps to 90/100 watt as original 55/60 watt have poor illumination. Lamp replacement job is done by auo-electrician. For this job he used roots relay kit with wiring harness. He made some changes and joints in the existing wiring. After that I started facing problem of fuse blowing for high beam only when I drive either in the night or day by operating high-low (upper-dipper signal for front vehicle while overtaking or vice versa) beam switch for 10 -15 times approx. The fuses of 20amps to 40amps rating were used but the problem is same. One time one auto-electrician bypass the high beam fuse and you know what happened? Both high beam lamps fused at the same time after operating upper-deeper switch. And for your information when original 55/60 watt lamps used there is no problem of fuse blowing. Pls. Tell me what would be the possibilities.


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January, 29, 2013 AT 12:49 PM

There is a fault with the installed wire harness or it has been wired wrongly. When modifying the headlight wireharness, power supply should be from the battery or power soure via fuses and the original fuses would be working with minimal current flow as their main concern is to work the headlight relays only.

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