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amponsem michael

December, 1, 2011 AT 6:55 AM

I finds it difficult when troubleshooting electrical issues relating to fuel injection and the computing aspect can you help me.


Wiring Issue?


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December, 1, 2011 AT 7:19 AM

That's way more than we can handle here. Your best bet is to enroll in an Automotive program at a community college, not the Wyoming Techs or UTIs. Automotive Electronics was one of the four specialty areas I taught with real good success. People who like working on cars are the type of people who learn best by seeing, handling, and manipulating parts. We find electrical stuff hard to understand because we can't see it, so I compared everything to water in a pipe or river. That's something we can see and understand.

If you don't want to take the course at a community college, I can give you some outdated but perfectly usable textbooks to get you started, and I can answer questions through our private e-mail. I also have "Notes Pages" I produced for my students that include the important points.

You can also find a lot of books at any library but they will never replace classroom instruction or especially the new fad, computer-based learning. Good instructors need to see facial expressions and gestures to gauge your understanding at that moment, then we tailor our "story" to be sure you're understanding it. No book can do that. No matter how well a book is written, the reader is always going to have questions that need answering or points that need clarification.

One comment I always made to my students is a mechanic who has a good understanding of electrical and has good troubleshooting skills will be able to find a job anywhere. My students have gone all over the country and have been successful.


amponsem michael

December, 1, 2011 AT 7:45 PM

Sir, in that case I am in Ghana and which community college do you recommend to me in order to undertake it online.



December, 1, 2011 AT 8:00 PM

Doc, Its all about -moving faster and no wear and tear-so much of IC's. If you don't know electronics/electrical theory/fundamentals as a Tech - you're nothing-



December, 2, 2011 AT 6:33 AM

Oh. Sorry, but I'm not familiar with what kind of higher education you might have available to you there. You might do a search of free sites on the web. I did a quick one just now for "learn electricity online" and came up with:


near the top of the list. It looks good but I didn't get into it very far. There are some topics you don't have to worry about, like tube theory. Even knowing transistor theory is nice but it won't help you troubleshoot electrical problems on cars. Basic theory including Ohm's Law and open, closed, and complete circuits is what you need. Ohm's Law is really simple. It is 12 electrical formulas but only three of them are used regularly. The math isn't even that critical in troubleshooting. Ohm's Law is merely the relationship between electrical pressure, (voltage), current flow, (amps), and resistance, (ohms). When one of those three goes up, one of the other ones goes up or down.

See how far you get on the web, then holler back when you have more questions.

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