2010 Honda Ridgeline


russell brandau

January, 18, 2011 AT 3:55 AM

Trailer lights. I have a factory installed plug that fits a Hopkins wiring adapter to convert to a 4 wire trailer lights. When I hooked up the trailer it must have had a short, a 20a fuse in the secondary fuse panel under the hood went out, I replaced it, now only the running lights work. The converter plug has test lights and I plugged a set of portable trailer lights only the running light work. I also checked all the fuses in the primary and inside fuse panel and did find an other bad fuses. All the other lights work, head light high/low, turn lights, emergent flashers, stop lights, interior lights. Trunk lights, bed lights, Etc. What else can I do to get the trailer lights to work?

1 Answer



January, 18, 2011 AT 3:50 PM

Check if the trailer lights wiring are correct or shorted.

Use a fused wire or test lamp to test the trailer lights for shorting.
Do you have the wiring schematic for the trailer lights?
Is there a trailer lighting control unit under left sind of dash?

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