2009 Volkswagen Jetta



February, 19, 2012 AT 10:56 PM

09 vw jetta bumped curb while making left turn. Misalignment, traction control light on code reader says suspension strut valve right rear code 808 what needs fix? Will alignment turn light off?

code reader code 808 suspension strut valve right rear. Front driver tire bumped curb. Steering wheel off center traction control light stays on. Will alignment fix it? What will turn light off?


Replacing Rear Struts


Rear Strut


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February, 19, 2012 AT 11:46 PM

P0808 Clutch Position Sensor Circuit High



February, 19, 2012 AT 11:49 PM

Kind of hard to see over a computer what happened, but Volkswagen has been very good at not providing alignment adjustments. That means it's not likely an adjustment simply slipped out of place and can be easily reset. Instead, expect to find bent parts. Most commonly an inner tie rod will bend. That will turn one wheel and you have to turn the steering wheel to bring the two front wheels to where they're both off equally. Besides the off-center steering wheel, which is a good clue, it WILL lead to very bad tire wear, which takes longer to show up. Replacement inner tie rod ends are typically only available from the dealer by buying the entire rack and pinion assembly. That's pretty expensive for most brands but Volkswagen is especially proud of their parts and they charge accordingly for them. Rebuilt rack and pinion assemblies are the standard choice for out-of-warranty repairs but they might not be easily available yet for your car. You should be able to find just a replacement inner tie rod end from most auto parts stores from the aftermarket suppliers.

A lower control arm can bend too. That will cause the wheel to tilt on the top as viewed from in front of the car, and because of the suspension geometry, it can also cause an off-center steering wheel. Bent struts are common but that will usually not have a big affect on steering wheel position. The exception is if it causes a pull to one side, (tires want to pull in the direction they're leaning), and you're counteracting that pull by turning the steering wheel. Technically that is a pull and is not the same thing as an offset steering wheel.

The place to start is with an inspection at a tire and alignment shop. Given the history, they will know which parts to look at and what it will take to eliminate tire wear, pulling, and steering wheel position issues.

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