2008 Porsche Boxster



January, 8, 2011 AT 4:47 PM

I have a 2008 porsche boxster 2.7L and recently took it in for new front brake pads - they had worn down, but not to the point where the sensors attached to the pads had been triggered to send a message to the car display. I thought that because the sensors hadn't been triggered they wouldn't need replacing. However, the garage replaced the sensors as well as the brake pads (at a significant extra cost and without informing me). I am basically worried that I have been ripped off. I would be really grateful for your advice on this one. As a young English woman living on my own in Dubai I don't have anyone I can ask for advice. Thanks! - Kate

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February, 16, 2011 AT 10:04 PM

Brake pad sensors are always replaced with the brake pads because its difficult to remove the old sensors from the brake pads because they become brittle and break and then they won't stay in the new brake pads.

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