2008 Ford Focus



March, 12, 2014 AT 9:35 AM

I just got a 2008 Ford Focus from my Father in Law and I want to get the 100%. The engine seems to shake there is quite a bit of vibration inside the car and through the gas peddle it's worse at slower speeds than at higher. I've noticed this the gas mileage is not quite where it should be I would am guessing it has something to do with this problem. The car also when first gets going from a slow speed the engine sound seems deeper than I think it should be for this car. When you first start it it starts great but seems have a, I guess, rough turn over I just think it should be a little smoother for this vehicle. I'm thinking all of this is probably tied together I'm just not real sure to what. Also there are no indicator signals coming so it doesn't seem serious. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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March, 12, 2014 AT 6:11 PM

Have a 2004 focus 2.3l, had similar problems, poor performance, loud like muffler bad, clucked when you firs started it, rough idle in gear but fine when in park, poor mileage, etc. Tried everything; new throttle body, throttle body speed motor, PCV valve, intake cleaning 1500 bucks later got the mileage back but the cluck on start rough idle while in gear, noise, and hesitation were still there. Replaced motor mounts and WOW new car. Second guessing all the other items I did. Ford guy said focus has issues with motor mounts.

Hope this helps you save the pain I went through.

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