Audi A6 Coolant Problem

  • 2008 AUDI A6
  • 60,000 MILES
I need to change the radiator in my car. Can you help?
Sunday, March 24th, 2013 AT 5:21 PM

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If there are small impressions on the fins. Refer to => [ Coolers and Condensers ] See: Engine Service and Repair Coolers and Condensers.

Cover cap of expansion tank with rag and open carefully, as hot steam for example hot coolant may escape when opening.

Open cap of coolant expansion tank.
Remove noise insulation.

Remove front left and right wheel housing liners.
Remove front bumper cover.
Place Drip Tray for Workshop Crane (VAS 6208) under engine.

Open drain plug - 1 - and allow coolant to drain.
Then disconnect coolant hose - 2 - from radiator.
Remove the lower left coolant hose - arrow - from the radiator; to do so lift the clamp.

Disconnect top coolant hose - right arrow - from radiator.

Ignore - left arrow -.

Vehicles with Multitronic transmission or automatic transmission 09L:

Remove bolts - arrows -.

Remove air duct - 1 - and - 2 -.
Observe the rules of cleanliness for working on automatic transmissions.

Place the Used Oil Collection and Extraction Device (V.A.G 1782) under the disconnection point.
Remove upper and lower ATF lines - arrow - on cooler.

Seal the open lines and connections with clean plugs from the Engine Bung Set (VAS 6122).

Remove bolts - 3 - and remove air duct.
Remove bolts - 4 - and remove bracket for horns; leave electrical connections intact.
Unfasten bracket - 2 - and - 5 - for headlamp.
Remove nuts - 1 - and - 6 - and remove bumper.
Unclip the Outside Air Temperature Sensor (G17) - arrow - from the bracket.

Remove power steering cooling coil bolts - 1 - and - 2 - hydraulic hoses remain connected.
Remove air guides at left and right of radiator.
The air conditioning refrigerant circuit must not be opened.

Separate the electrical connector - 1 -.

Remove the bolts - arrows -.
Do not bend or stretch lines or hoses as A/C compressor and/or refrigerant lines/hoses may be damaged.

Pivot the condenser downward with lines connected.
Release both radiator retaining pins and remove by pulling upward - arrows -.

Pivot radiator forward, pull up and remove.

Installation is in reverse order of removal, note the following:

Secure all hose connections with hose clamps appropriate for the model.

Install ATF lines.
Install the front bumper cover.
Install front left and right wheel housing liners.
Remove the old O-ring - 2 - in the coolant hose - 3 -.

Coat new O-ring with coolant additive and install it in the coolant hose.
Press the coolant hose onto the radiator - 1 - until it engages audibly.
Press the coolant hose on again and pull to make sure the connection is engaged correctly.
Fill with coolant => [ Filling ] See: Service and Repair Procedures.
Complete coolant must be replaced if the radiator was replaced.

Check ATF level.
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Sunday, March 24th, 2013 AT 5:45 PM

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