2007 Volvo S40



October, 7, 2011 AT 11:11 AM

I live in Ithaca, NY which - if you're familiar with the area - is very hilly.

Last winter DSTC actually put me in danger when it kicked in and I could not get out of the oncoming lane (which I'd just slid into). It was a particularly bad snow day and I just barely made it home because the car was convinced it knew how to navigate the roads better than I (with only 45 years of experience doing so on these roads).

According to the manual there's supposed to be a temporary reset feature for DSTC, but the procedure that is detailed does not appear to work on my car.

Is disabling DSTC not actually available on my plain Jane S40, or. Is it likely I'm not resetting it correctly, or. Is this a known issue that requires servicing?

Thanks in advance!



Wiring Issue?


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October, 8, 2011 AT 1:30 AM

If you have an issue with the DSTC then you should actually get it checked out to see what is going on? Very common problem with ABS codes is the wheel hubs starting to separate from the spindle. So it sees the ring one minute and the next nothing so the DSTC is assuming that wheel all of a sudden locked up? If this is the issue, you really need to get it checked out and repaired ASAP! You can disable the DSTC. There was a break where next to the 12 volt outlet there is a button you press to disable it. If you do not have the button, using the turn signal switch ring, scroll the ring until you get DSTC message. Once you see that message hold the reset button on the turn signal switch for a few seconds and it should say DSTC off. But you should really get your vehicle in and have it inspected it since disabling will only turn off the feature but your root problem could end up been catastrophic?

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