I purchased a used 2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid a few.

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I purchased a used 2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid a few months ago. Last week, I attempted to get in the car and start it and it was completely dead. I own a jump pack and figured I would jump it to get it started. Upon connecting the second cable, it attempted to start itself. The keys were in my pocket and it actually started up. I opened the door and all the dash lights were flashing, as was the dome light, etc. I attempted to insert the key and start/stop it and it would not shut off.

I had to unhook the battery to stall the engine. Upon placing the cables back on the battery, it was making all sorts of clicking noises. The 12V battery is brand new. I unhooked the battery again and left it sit overnight. Tried hooking the battery back up in the morning and it made a couple noises and then stopped. All the dash lights stopped flashing and I could start and stop the engine with key.

Drove the Vue for about a week with seemingly no issues. Until this past week. Went to shut off car and exit and it tried to start itself again, only once and the dash lights all started flashing again, but stopped soon after. I started it again and drove a short distance and stopped and attempted to shut the car off. It would not shut off. I turned the key off and pulled it out of the ignition and was still running. So I had to drive home and once again disconnect the battery to kill the engine. I let it sit overnight and attempted to hook the battery up and once I attached the second terminal, it automatically tries to start and does start up.

All dash lights are flashing and going crazy. I also noticed when this happened and I was driving it, that it seems to upshift and downshift hard (Not sure of the correct terminology for this), but it was certainly driving harder than it did before all of this started happening.

I know there were recalls for replacing the hybrid batteries, however I do not know the history of the car and don't know if they ever got replaced. All of these issues seem electrical in nature and my guess is it has something to do with the 36V hybrid battery.

I have not had it in to scan any codes, but I was just wondering if you had ever heard of anything like this happening? Also, is it possible to disconnect the hybrid battery and still drive the Vue? If so, will it function to the extent that I won't have to replace the battery or will that eventually have to be done?

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Scott Tipton
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Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 AT 11:41 AM

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The hybrid batteries were replaced because they leaked I replaced tons of them under that campaign. If they leaked they wouldnt cause any of those problems. Also I would see if they were done if they weren't it would be a free repair. Also honestly unless your pretty handy with a multi meter testing things fixing things etc your better off taking it to the dealer.I hate to say that because I really try to help people as much as I can on here. But you have some pretty crazy things happening. Is the check engine light ever on while your driving?Also your going to need a professional scan tool to read all the possible codes on that.
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Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 AT 5:02 PM

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