2007 Daihatsu Sirion



February, 18, 2012 AT 2:39 PM

Hi guys,

I am having a bad reception on my radio.
I have to say that my radio was replaced by new one, the problem started after that, although the radio I bought should be a good one.

I think that how ever installed the new radio, did lazy job.
I opened it all again to check if I can see the problem.

I check the antenna cable that goes from the radio to the antenna, there is no connection (resistance is 1).

I also saw that there is another cable that should supply power or something. Is that cable is for some kind of amplifier?
I saw that it is not connected at all (no electrical current).

Is this the problem?
Do you have any kind of advise?
Do you have a wiring diagram or something that can help me?
Does antenna cable should be connected? (Show resistance 0)?

Thank you very very much


2 Answers



February, 18, 2012 AT 2:53 PM

I forget to say that removing the antenna does not affect the reception at all. So my guess the problem is somewhere there.



February, 19, 2012 AT 9:56 PM

There were no Daihatsu vehicles available in the US in 2007, so we have no information on it. The center conductor on the antenna cable goes to the mast, while the outer shield goes to body ground. No continuity. You can measure resistance from the body of the stereo to the body of the car and/or the base of the antenna. You can also measure resistance of the center conductor to the tip of the antenna. Both should be between 25 and 75 ohms, in theory.

Was your vehicle equipped with an amplifier? Not all are. In the US, the wire that switches a relay supplying power in the amplifier is usually blue with a white stripe. Do all other functions work? If so, it isn't an issue with an amplifier. It's in the tuner.

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