2006 Suzuki Swift



March, 19, 2012 AT 9:08 PM

Hi, I have a 2006 suzuki swift. I don't think my throttle plate is functioning. I am having high rpms when accelerating and Bouncing needle at coasting. I checked and cleaned the throttle plate it doesn't seem to close all the way and it is not opening when you press on the gas in off position.(Which it should open) When the car is running, on acceleration it dose open quarter way. I down loaded a repair manual on line but it wasn't the right model which it said it was. I don't want to spend another 30 bucks on another one. What could be the problem? Cable? Where is that located?


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March, 19, 2012 AT 9:16 PM

This should be a fly by wire throttle whereby there are no throttle cables. The throttle is electronically controlled and the high engine rpm could be the transmission is not upshifting etc.

Do you have any trouble codes?

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