2006 Nissan Primera



January, 24, 2013 AT 10:39 AM

I have 06 nissan premera. I can drive it for 5 min when changing gear into first and second becomes a real struggle third fourth and fifth gears are fine I was told it was my plates and this would cost me 400 euro to repair. Is there an easier solution thanks.

1 Answer



January, 27, 2013 AT 8:21 AM

Check the clutch hydraulic system first. If clutch pedal resistance is felt only very low, that could be the cause of the problem.

Check the gear shift cables as well. They could be out of adjudtment or worn.

When trying to engage 2nd, does it clash while trying to shift or you are not able to move into position? It could also be a fault with the transmissionitself whereby the synchroniser is bad. Did you try replacing the transmission gear oil?

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