2006 Mazda 3



November, 16, 2010 AT 1:27 PM

I just replaced my battery 2 months ago. Few weeks ago I just changed my air filter. The battery light came on 4 days ago took it to an auto parts store for them to say it was the alternator. The next day the light was off. Since the light keeps comeing on and off and now the power steering keeps coming and going, the lights fliker on and off. The brakes keep locking and unlocking. Is this still the alternator or could this be something else?

2 Answers



November, 16, 2010 AT 1:30 PM

Have you checked the belt to make sure it isn't loose? Also, yes, it could be the alt. Has the battery sounded weak?



November, 16, 2010 AT 1:38 PM

They said they ran the test on the batt and the battery was weak. I looked at the belts but Being limited money and the area where I am not sure who could look at it and tell me if it is the belts. I wasnt sure if something wasnt loose meaning the connection to the battery. I just know if keeps shutting on and off meaning the lights on the dash, the abs light comes on and off, the power steering light, and the brake light. The connection to the radio keeps coming on and off and the light on my rear view mirror comes on and off. So not very certain

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