2006 Honda S2000



February, 23, 2011 AT 5:40 AM

A check engine light has come on and according to the owners manuel for my car, that light is referring to the emissions system. I was able to retrieve the codes using the CP9125 OBD II Code Reader, but I am not quite sure how to erase the codes. How do I go about erasing them? Also, according the OBD II manuel, it says that if the codes are MIL, to turn on the car while retrieving the codes. Is that step correct? I am just curious because I do not want to cause any more issues than what is already occurring with my car.

Here are the codes that I am getting from the reader:

P 0138
P 0141
P 0138 Pending
P 0141 Pending

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February, 23, 2011 AT 2:38 PM

MIL is for emission, engine and transmission faults.

When retrieving trouble codes, ignition is turned on with engine NOT running after plugging in code reader.

When erasing code, same condition for ignition switch applies.

The code reader should have a function for erasing trouble codes. Follow onscreen instructions when you select the erase code option.

P0138 = Secondary HO2S (Sensor 2) high voltage.

P0141 = Secondary HO2S (Sensor 2) heater circuit malfunction.

Most probably you need to replace the HO2S sensor.

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