Here is the story: It all started when I.

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Here is the story:
It all started when I had the car locked with the windows down. My daughter went to get something from the car, and since it was locked, she reached in to unlock it so she could get in. The alarm started going off. I could not get it to stop, it even was going off while going down the road. I stopped to get a pop at the gas station, left the car running, I came out, and it was stuck in park. I couldn't push the button on the shifter to get it out of park. After a couple times disconnecting the battery hoping to 'reset' something, I figured out it was the fuse for the brake switch (thanks to google). Replaced the fuse got it out of park, and went home.
The next morning, and a couple other times, I had to replace that fuse each time.
A couple weeks later, I went to start my car, and it would start, but then it would rev up and down a bit, but as soon as I would put it in gear, it would die. Left it there (at the golf course) for a few days. It was parked right up front, so I decided to give it a little gas while it was reving up & down to see if when I put it in gear I could at least move it across the parking lot. As soon as I put it in gear it died. Haven't been able to start it since. In trying to start it, the brake switch fuse still blows frequently. I suspect there is some kind of electrical problem.

I live in a small town, the nearest Honda dealer is a 50 mile tow away. I'm not sure if this is something I might be fix myself, or if my local mechanic could fix it, or if it needs to go to a Honda dealer. I would not want to spend a couple hundred bucks at my local mechanic only for him to tell me I need to take it to the dealer.

Any ideas?
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Friday, March 8th, 2013 AT 6:59 PM

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Fuse #12 underhood is for the stoplight switch, horn and MICU. One of these compoanent has a fault and is shorting causing the fuse to blow.

I would suggest starting with test on the horns. Check to see if the fuse blows when horn is operated.
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Saturday, March 9th, 2013 AT 5:03 PM

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